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perfectly normal/insane

published: 2011-07-25

Here we go again. Tragedy strikes and once again evil has taken the form of an angry, white man. People die. Kids. The world is in shock. Again we are treated to image after image of bodies, oceans of flowers, anonymous white people sob and hold each other. Analysis after analysis of why. Neighbours are interviewed, as are people who met him once, even the baker he bought a loaf of bread from that very day.
He was such a nice guy. A little odd maybe, but quiet and forthcoming. You’d never expect something like this. Our kids go to our neighbours alone because our village is such a friendly and safe place. Maybe he was a little too reclusive? Maybe I should have noticed something? I had no idea.

We never do though, notice these things. How can we know what goes on in our neighbours’ homes? And even if we do know, we don’t want to. Because we are all perfectly normal people. And perfectly normal people sometimes do perfectly insane things.

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