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Oral hygienist returned

published: 2009-01-09
I felt the issue of the fair-skinned, blue-eyed, 22 year old oral hygienist who converted to the Muslim faith deserved a little more attention.
I've decided that in 2009 I'd like to be less opiniated about people. Especially as the fine line between opinion and criticism is easily crossed. "Opinions" stand in the way of true and open interaction with people. How did I learn this? It's very easy: you need only to find yourself in a situation where people have opinions (aka criticisms) about you to understand what destructive forces between you and those people subsequently come into play. The irony being: it's taken me years to even form opinions about things. Most likely there's a virtuous balance out there somewhere, one I someday hope to find.
Anyway, the oral hygienist and I had an engaging conversation. She said she is now a happier and more fulfilled person. I believe her.

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