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Once again she tries

published: 2010-11-05

Look at them, the boys and girls, how they strut up on the stage and present projections of what they dream to be. Girls with back-combed hair, high heels, big earrings. Boys with leather jackets and sneakers. Chin up, twiddle the fingers around the microphone, make the gestures a rock-star would make with the free hand. They say they want to win, they say they are nervous. And we watch them, these strangers in their mid-twenties. And you want to tell them they shouldn’t worry, because they have a future. But they don’t. Most will hit fourty one day and will realize they can’t become their projections. They will feel lost.
One of them has already hit fourty. She pretends to be twenty-five. She knows too much. Still, she wants it so badly. Take a close look at her. She tries and she tries. She is good. She is rejected again. And she cries.

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