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On a positive note

published: 2009-01-22
"Sleep deprivation may sometimes be intentionally induced for various reasons. Vivid hallucinations, heightened senses and a feeling of incredible creativity may occur after 48 hours (or less) of being in a state of sleeplessness. There is even a history of sleep deprivation being used by different schools of religious mystics as a form of asceticism or to heighten spiritual awareness."
Conclusion: as my man and I have been experiencing weeks of sleep deprivation, we have reached a state of being in which we're writing bestsellers, inventing business models that will eradicate poverty, and are well on our way of becoming enlightened guru's. As of next week, I'll start wearing a robe.

4 Responses to “On a positive note”

  1. Oh, your husband is a writer as well. That’s quite interesting. 48 hours is a lot, I think. I start feeling woozy when I haven’t slept for, let’s say, 26 hours.
    Lately I ‘ve been trying to sleep less, since I heard 6-7 hours is ideal, more than 7 leads to premature dying. I tend to sleep 8 hours. When I was younger, I felt more creative, but I also slept less (approximately 5 hours or less). I don’t even like sleeping, but I love dreaming. It has come to a point where I don’t know if I’d rather dream or be awake; That’s quite disturbing.

  2. @Dennis My man isn’t really a writer as such, he’s more of a research writer. He’s a trendwatcher.

  3. I’m not a fan of trendwatchers, I must admit.

  4. alief says:

    @Dennis I can imagine, in light of the way the trendwatching profession is perceived as being. I’m not a fan of lawyers, for example. Or actors. Still, a few close friends of mine are exactly that.

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