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NY fixes

published: 2008-09-16

This is my second breakfast today. I had my first breakfast in a Ukrainian place called Veselka which has been here ever since I can remember. I had forgotten how the place celebrates Eastern-European rudity. The way they throw stale toast and soggy scrambled eggs on your table is quite hilarious. So I escaped to a place that has wifi. I had some trouble connecting and said "maybe I should go to Starbucks instead."
"Oh no, we would never let you go to Starbucks. Starbucks is an insult to coffee. "
They fixed the wifi and I'm now drinking a coffee which – I must admit- does taste better than any of the coffees I've had these past few days. But what of the slab of smoked salmon on my plate to go with the oversized bagel? All that can be said of it, is that it is a greasy, sweet, pink substance. A fix. The same way coffee is a fix. As is wifi.

2 Responses to “NY fixes”

  1. Dave W. says:

    HI, Aliefka,
    I’m enjoying your tracking your adventures in NYC. I remember Veselka from when I lived in the East Village. I forgot (maybe never knew) you spent so much time there.
    Keeping having fun and keep fending off that New York attitude when it rears its ugly head

  2. aliefka says:

    @Dave – here’s an ugly face NY pulled on me: I was told that I have an ‘urgh, hourglass shape’.
    I suppose it’s better than pear or apple 😉

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