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not because of the kiss

published: 2014-09-02

A coffee with a fling of the past. Catching up on time. How is your health? Your job? Your post-divorce girlfriend?
It’s okay, but…
I’m not so sure about our relationship.
He sums up a few reasons which are in the sphere of not being on the same page, or level. I ask what the goods are.
It’s pretty relaxed, great sex, she’s smart. Jealous though.
He doesn’t really mind that. It makes him laugh.
As I sit there enjoying the warmth of the sun in my neck, something occurs to me. He speaks about her the way my recent relationship must have spoken about me. To others.
It’s okay, but…
On parting, he puts his hand in my neck and pulls me towards him. The kiss is to be on the lips and nowhere else.
I feel sad. Not because of the kiss. But because of the but.

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