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News today

published: 2010-01-19

The news, my friend, is no longer to be watched nor read. Breathe it in, then exhale it along with the question what time to set the alarm for tomorrow. It no longer speaks. Not even in irony as it complains of corruption and blames man for its own disasters. In frustration as the children of man are taken away and given to others. In dispair as no longer are hospitals safe.
And by the way, a 31-year-old was hit by a bus and died.
In judgement as tourists go on a tour of slums. In contempt as some men have picked up for exploiting women.
Should newborn babies that are severely handicapped be allowed to die? Asks the news. How should I know? What do I know? That surely there has to be a self-exploding bomb somewhere between the pages of the riots. Not only there, but over there too, and there.
In pride as it has been decided that bank-managers will earn less than they did before. In silence for the deceased on that one page the paper gives them.
And all I hear is that 31-year-old who has been hit by a bus. No name to forget. That’s why.

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