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Nannies and pees

published: 2010-05-17

The nannies all meet up at the various playgrounds in Amsterdam and speak Tagalog with eachother, while the children play. They’re body language is bolder, more slack, cooler when they are together than when they are with the parents they work for. They smoke cigarettes or engage in celphone conversations that last at least twenty minutes. While rocking a maxi-cosi with one foot. Can you blame them for being two-faced? No. Because we have no idea what it must be like to view life in terms of survival.
Anna is particularly sexy. She wears fake brand sunglasses and skinny jeans. My son played with the four-year-old she looks after. She didn’t look for him, not once. Not even when the two of them raced passed her on three-wheelers and shot off behind some building.
The only time she looked was when the boy peed against a tree. A gang of older boys instantly gathered around him and laughed at him, at his willy, at what he was doing. He blinked at them in confusion. My son had been intending to drop his pants too and I saw him decide not to. I ran past Anna, who was laughing from a distance, along with the gang. Why? Discomfort. She didn’t know what to do, therefore she laughed.
I told the older boys, “hey listen guys, gives these kids some slack, They’re only four. They just learned to pee. It’s good they’re doing it, huh?” They were tough kids, but eventually they backed off and I helped my son pee against a tree while ignoring the guffaws that were now coming from a distance. He’d done half of it in his pants.
At home, my son asked why the big boys had been laughing. I said he shouldn’t take notice of it, but “listen sweety. It’s really good of you to pee against a tree instead of in your pants, okay? And tomorrow is your first day at school, I’ll show you where the toilets are. So what you should do is try peeing there before you go outside.”
Maybe I should have explained this to his playmate too.

One Response to “Nannies and pees”

  1. Here the nannies are mostly of South American Origin. Say to your son: You’re still small of size but be big in attitude!
    Was getekend

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