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My world and yours

published: 2010-10-08

A 5-year old girl crosses the street. She wears a school uniform: a black tunic and purple vest. In the country I live, nobody wears school uniforms. Only kids that go to a private, British school.
She does not speak our language. But we speak hers. The children her age don’t though. Should I pity her? Feel sorry for her because she is being set apart?

Once upon a time, I was a little girl in a uniform: a purple tunic and grey vest. This was in a country where nobody ever wore uniforms. I’d come home, take off my uniform and do homework or play. With kids on the street who did not speak my language. Or we’d go over to friends from school. Did I feel like I was being set apart? No. This was my world and in my world, everything was as it should be.
It was only when I starting trying to bring my world into yours, or you into me, that I started feeling bad.

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