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Reality check

published: 2008-09-22

Here's how my Monday morning countered yesterday's morning –
After waking up, measuring windows for curtains in my underwear (there's a weird powdery stuff coming off the rubbery-looking curtains in my son's bedroom), making coffee, moving clean laundry from the rack to a basket (for now), paying delayed bills, getting porridge into my son and him into clothes, gathering nappies, pacifiers and cuddly toys for at the creche, trying to be the nicest mom on earth while doing all this – I rush off to my office hoping I may still be as inspired as yesterday. I finally open the file containing that (surely) Oscar winning original screenplay of ours when an email comes in. It's from my man.
"You're expected at the day center today at 4.30 pm for the Celebration of Autumn. Bring Autumn leaves and acorns."

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