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Push or pull

published: 2008-12-13

Meanwhile, on the icy island….

I set out to reach the outer eastern end of the island, that part of the island nobody ever goes to as it's so far. I had been warned, it would be freezing cold out there, the winter wind was coming from the South-East and all. I smeared vaseline on my face, borrowed some gloves and said, "I'll see how far I get." 
I made it – almost. It was indeed incredibly cold, even the sea was starting to freeze up (which by the way solved the quicksand danger). I turned back right before the end. The same harsh wind that had stood in the way of my  achieving my goal, now pushed me home. 
It's really hard to tell whether you're pushing yourself too hard, or not hard enough. I know one thing though, the greater the effort, the easier the ride home.

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