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Loss of innocence

published: 2009-11-10

My son’s day care center celebrated St. Martin’s Day today. A grand rehearsal for tomorrow I suppose. It was the same as last year: the kids had all made lanterns, the teachers were nervously trying to get everyone outside and into the park on time, while we – the parents – tromped around with our cameras. Talking, mainly, with each other. We followed the herd, the children clueless. Happy, for a moment, to discover an intern holding a basket of raisins next to a tree. And so they could sing the St. Martin’s songs they had practiced, that marked the passing of a year. Of unfinished conversations. Of photos to hold on
As I walked home with my son, I considered how two of his friends had been holding hands. He had run up to them, “can I hold hands too?” and they said “no.” The loss of innocence comes as memory begins.

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