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lose control

published: 2011-04-20

Two women had an argument today, right outside school. In the middle of the street, just like that. One hippy-looking lady and another dark-haired upper class looking lady. I have noticed them many times before. Some people somehow naturally draw attention. These two women both do.
And now these two women were raising their voices at each other. They had just dropped off their kids. Some older school kids were still outside as they were on duty (they are to make sure cars don’t park on pavements and bikes aren’t dropped against people’s homes). They were watching the women from the other side of the street, at a safe distance. Their mouths fell open, their eyes almost popped out of their heads.
After the women left (in opposite directions hollering “I’m going to be late for ehm… well… late!” , “and so am I!”) I asked the kids on duty, “what happened?” The kids stood noticeably close to each other. They almost burst into tears when I asked them this, that’s how unnerved they were by the argument they witnessed. It surprised me. These kids must have been exposed to fights or anger before in their lives. I mean, they were ten years old! I thought they’d giggle: silly grown-ups. Haha. But no.
Apparently, there’s something deeply terrifying about grown-ups that lose control.

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