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Lion’s roar

published: 2008-11-14

I never explained what happened in the storyline of my son not sleeping. It's always that way, we only talk when life is in a crisis. When things go well in our personal lives and with our health, we forget to mention it. We never drop by a sister's home in the middle of the night and say,"'I really need someone to talk to about how wonderfully things are going."
My son's sleeping problems – I now dare say after two months – have been resolved. I went to a homeopath with him and she gave us a few tiny white grains. Lac Leon, she said it was. A powerful mother's milk as it comes from the lion. It put an end to 2,5 years of sleepless nights.

One Response to “Lion’s roar”

  1. belle says:

    Too bad you wrote earlier to never trust what writers write! Sounds like a golden tip! ;).

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