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Last day

published: 2010-05-11

My son's last day at the daycare center. I try to soak up the details in order not to forget. The smell of apples, bananas and diapers. The loud clang of the bell. The covers to put over our shoes and how hardly any of us can be bothered to put them over our children's shoes too. We bolt towards our respective classrooms. Glance at the clock. While time passes. It passes and passes. It leaves me sitting on a couch in my son's classroom confused. How come I hadn't noticed Sal's mum is pregnant again? Sal! Who is so many years younger than my son. And look at Sal now. She walks, she talks. I blinked once, maybe twice. My son, he was a baby then. Now he's a boy.

3 Responses to “Last day”

  1. Sander de Regt says:

    Mooie observaties. Op de laatste dag op de peuterspeelzaal van onze kleintjes heb ik me alleen met de praktische dingen bezig gehouden. Lijkt me fijn om al die details in je op te kunnen nemen.

  2. Ellemijn says:

    Such sweet memories….

  3. alief says:

    @Ellemijn @Sander de Regt thanks for tuning in!

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