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just as the song says

published: 2012-12-17

I sat in on my son’s music class today. The teacher must have been only 20. She held her guitar against her body like a shield. She practiced songs with the children, taught them rhythm and to listen to words. I had never heard the two songs before. They were about Christmas. My son remembered the word “me” in the song. Other kids remembered: music, happy, celebration, Christmas tree, candles, food, family, stars. The last sentence of the song said: the time of the year I love most.
The teacher sang the song over and over and over again in a crystal clear and gentle voice. I felt dismal. When had Christmas stop being about candles and happy and tree? On the way home, my son sang the song a few times more and concluded, “this is my favourite time of the year, mummy, just as the song says.”
If there were stars and if they’d fall from the skies and if I could then make a wish, I’d wish for him to love this time of the year most for the rest of his life.

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