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Judgement is a trickster

published: 2010-04-09

My parents are in Spain. The Camino de Santiago. Dad is cleaning toilets in a monastery’s hostel, while mum walks to Santiago. I have no idea where they are exactly. Or how they are.
I’ve been thinking about this.
I saw my sisters the other day. It was my nephew’s birthday and so we were busy doing the kind of stuff you do when it’s a kiddy’s party. We chatted with eachother and friends, about work, about schools. About the daily worries of life. But not about our parents.
There was a time when I needed my parents in a way they were incapable of giving. Then came a time that I was angry with them. And now? I catch myself admiring them as they unfailingly embark on new adventures. Good for you, I think. I may even have stopped judging them. But see judgement is a trickster. To not judge someone usually means you do not want to be judged yourself. In effect, I have probably come to look like them.

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