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it’s the same for love

published: 2013-01-29

The dance teacher has us on our knees in front of a chair. The palms of our hands push hard against that chair. We are to open our shoulder blades and subsequently chest. Meanwhile our stomach muscles work hard to not strain the lower back.
“See?” she says, “now you can finally relax the trapezium muscles and those in your neck.”
I must be doing something wrong, as my neck feels tight. And so I try harder, I try to twist my upper arms open a little further, while moving my lower arms the opposite direction. Everything hurts. But sure enough, I can feel it happening. I can feel the muscles in my neck and shoulders soften.
“You can only relax when you feel you’re being supported,” says my teacher.
I sit down on my knees and said, “the same goes for love.”

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