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it might be embarrassing

published: 2013-01-08

A woman has not seen her daughter for over a year. Her daughter has become a dancer. She never understood why. Did her daughter realize she was throwing her future away? Mother should know, she used to be a mezzo=soprano but then developed anxiety attacks which resulted in her vocal cords slamming shut. She never sings now, not even hums a note. Simply thinking about going to start singing results in the spasm.
In truth, mother admires he daughter’s perseverance. She has seen her daughter dance on youtube films. Watching her sends a chill of pride down her spine. Her daughter’s body contorts in strange poses. Sexual, really. If it weren’t for her daughter’s devotion, it might be embarrassing.
Mother googles her daughter’s name. It leads to a venue, a festival of some sort. She emails the venue to ask about dates and times. Mother says she’ll be driving from Rotterdam and therefore hopes it won’t be sold out. The venue responds: “since it is a rather new festival, the chances of that are very slim. Besides, it’s a matinee.”
This is the saddest email mother has ever read.

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