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in the sun, she said

published: 2011-03-20

I have looked at this woman many times before, as she rushes off to work, and I bring my son to school. We are nothing special really. Two in a kazillion. Hello, how are you. Fine yes – busy busy important job- and you? We should do drinks sometime. Yes, let’s do that. Bye.
Then the sun came out. I opened the doors. She whisked in.
So here’s this and that thing we spoke about, and such and so.
Come, I said, have some tea.

In the sun, she said
And so it was that I sat next to her. As the sun hit her face, she kept pinching one eye and pulling her hair back behind her ear. Her hair resisted, kept falling forward. But everytime she pulled it back, the sun revealed a delicate face, framed by a perfect ear. She smiled sometimes, and what I saw was a beautiful girl.

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