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hopes and dreams for December

published: 2014-11-27

December creeps into the year carrying mixed feelings. It’s a month of looking back and moulding thoughts into hopes for another year. Nothing’s changed, perhaps, regarding who you are, while life has.
“This is going to be my fourth last Christmas!” a friend says, cheerily. She is sitting while I stand. Climbing the stairs costs her as much energy as running a marathon would do for me. The difference being: she does it, while I don’t. She beams, straight through a face that is no longer hers, a body that is owned by disease. Still, her soul is hers and always will be.
As I stand there worrying about December, its darkness, my unchanged state of being, she says:
“I love December, it has so many wonderful events. I just really, really love it.”
It is time for a personal change. Thank you, dear friend, for inspiring.

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