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Hi (from many years ago)

published: 2010-08-04

Hi Aliefka,

I was at school with you for a while in London – long, long ago at Glendower. I spent an evening stuck on Google last night and found your website and blog. Very interesting, congratulations on your work. I will look out for your books in English so I can read them. I read pages and pages of your blog and I recognised a classmate in one entry so I googled her too. Amazing! I have thought quite a lot about what you’ve written and for some reason it’s made me very aware of how many years have passed and how much everyone’s lives have diverged. Sorry to read that you’ve been unwell, I hope things are better for you in the future. Better go now, my little girl is asking me to go and play. That’s my job now so I’d better go and do what the boss asks!

Take care.

(30 years ago, to be exact).

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