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Heading home

published: 2008-09-18

At the airport now. The thing about visiting NY is you experience so much, it's hard too choose what event to describe. I admit, it may seem my attention was overtly drawn to superficialities such as the presence of starlets in my hotel. But truth be told NY saddens me. It's the kind of place that makes you greedy. Your arms can't possibly hold everything you try to grab for yourself so you start dropping things. Hence, the streets are scattered with broken dreams. Walking through tribeca today had me wondering what of my own dreams? Years ago, I jetted around NY firmly believing 'it' could happen and 'everything' was possible. Because things felt so different this time, I tried to define what exacly 'it & everything' was back then. I couldn't. Theoretically, 'it & everything' could therefore be anything and still be possible. But the feeling that stuck with me most is that I was walking the streets of NY empty handed. Relieved – perhaps – of a burden.

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