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From Aram to Zoë

published: 2011-01-20

At the organic store. Indeed, I am doing the right thing. At least I like to think it’s the right thing. I even use someone else’s recycled plastic bag.
After unloading the groceries at home, I notice a note at the bottom of it. A shopping list maybe? What could it tell me about the person who’s bag I’ve used?

Aram, Avalon, Elijah, Feline, Gerrit, Gilliam, Jalle, Jasmina, Indra, Linde, Lodewijk, Lotus, Mila, Saar, Trevor, Zilver, Zoë.

Just a bunch of names. For a dinner, maybe. A really big dinner. But please, take a moment. Study the names, their order, their feel. They really do tell me a few things. I won’t tell you what though. I don’t want to spoil your own freedom of association.

2 Responses to “From Aram to Zoë”

  1. Sander de Regt says:

    It’s either an organic birthdayparty attendance list or a list of possible names for a pregnant lady who hasn’t done an ultrasound and hasn’t made up her mind yet about what kind of name she’d like for her newborn.

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