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Do you remember your first day at school?

published: 2010-05-22

7 Responses to “Do you remember your first day at school?”

  1. Sander de Regt says:

    The first day? Honestly, no. I have some memory flashes from moments during my first year in school, but nothing as specific as a first day. I think that’s something we – as adults – came up with.

  2. Koos says:

    Be yourself… The most important and sometimes difficult lesson in life. Even when you’re the sweetest of the world. Especially then… 😉 Saartje will take care of T. 🙂

  3. alief says:

    @Koos 🙂

  4. yes I do. I remember being relieved to finally be part of the big world, where my elder sisters and brother belonged to.

  5. essa says:

    I do. My mother brought me to the kindergarten that was opposite of our house. I really resented my mother for putting me through this. Was there no other way? Couldn’t I just stay at home with her (she had her own practice at home)? I thought I could eventually help her out in the house or answer the phone while she was working? But of course my mother was not negociating about this issue.
    I don’t remember exactly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she brought me there screaming and kicking. She guided me through the fence and told me the story of her first day. Which resembled mine exactly. But after fifteen minutes of school she was playing with new friends and forgot about her burning desire to go back home with my grandmother. Of course I didn’t believe her one bit or at least I didn’t believe this was also going happen to me. How could I forget about my mother, how could I not miss my safe home? What if these children were all stupid and the teacher was mean?
    But after about fifteen minutes I did forget. Or at least, most of the time. I could see our house from one of the windows of my class room. Once in a while I would wonder off to that window and look if my mother was in our living room. I didn’t see her and I moved on.
    My mother told me she was completely heart broken and crying when she dropped me off. She kept looking through the upstairs window, but everytime she looked she saw a very happy girl painting, or playing with water of having lunch with all the others.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that in hindsight, I think it was harder on my mother then it was on me…

  6. Dens P says:

    I pieced together a lot of bad memories to come up with a first day. I still hate it.

  7. alief says:

    @Dens P, I’m sure there was something good about it, anything!?

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