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Come what may

published: 2009-09-09

I once dreamed what people were to meet me on the other side. My grandma, for one. But there were other people too, who aren’t dead yet so I won’t mention their names. I wonder whether what I dreamed holds true. Perhaps I’m creating my own truth by believing it. The people waiting for me on the other side will indeed be there, simply because my mind expects them to be. Death may well be an entirely cerebral experience. Whichever way, it’s a comforting thought. Slowly but surely, I am starting to be less afraid of death.
And what of the faces you know, the ones without names? People you’ve never said a single word to? You only consider them when you see them, forget them the moment they are gone?
One day, my car broke down in the middle of some busy street. I was on my way to hospital. Not only was I blocking the street, I was also going to miss my appointments. There was this one guy, in an old beaten up Volvo behind me. A familiar face. He helped me push my car to the side of the street. When I told him about my appointments he said, “come on, I’ll bring you.” It meant his coming late to work.
This happened a couple of years ago. Now and then, I see him and in the exact same way I saw him before. He turns left on his bike when I turn right. He crosses the street when I’m in a tram. He pushes his son forward on his bike while I exit a shop. I’m quite sure he doesn’t see me, and if he does, he certainly doesn’t register me. We never greet each other and I forget all about him, until I see him again.
I am convinced there’s a reason you keep seeing someone you don’t particularly know. These familiar faces are connected to you in alternate lives, past, present or future. Perhaps they are helpers. I like to believe they are the angels after death.

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