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published: 2008-11-01

Yesterday early evening: I had drinks at my publisher's. Now that I've handed in a chapter I dared show up for the Friday drinks. One of the editors and I discussed the sociological civilization theory in relation to something he was working on.
Two hours later, I found myself at a table in a hot new, pig-themed restaurant. This means the restaurant raises its own pigs, which they then humanely slaughter and serve. As guests you are to eat their pigs, and only that.
I am a vegetarian, which raised more attention than I would have liked. In my defense: I had no clue we had been invited to a pig-themed restaurant. 
So I drank a lot of wine and ate bread. We were asked to pay 110,- euro's each. No longer can this be called civilization. This is what all civilizations end up being: decadent.

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