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published: 2008-10-14

It's midday and here's what the first half of my day looked like.
My son woke up and it took me about an hour to get him into clothes and me to explain that my hands aren't big enough to carry his entire car and bouncing ball collection (which he had also insisted on sleeping with) upstairs to have porridge with us. By nine, I was getting his shoes on and mine. I aimed at doing this: getting a jpeg file from my laptop, into a computer at Kinko's and subsequently on pillow cases and cups before Friday (it's my parents's 40th wedding anniversary this weekend).
The challenge was to keep my son happy in his stroller from the store where we bought pillow cases, all the way through to Kinko's. Raisins helped. As did juice. I have to say, he did great.
Next, we bought flowers for dad's birthday and headed home. We played a little and I got him into bed. He is sleeping now so I ran through our screenplay for Sundance one more time, corrected our synopsis and restructured the treatment, wrote my bio. Also, I made a fresh tomato soup. Perhaps I now have a minute to brush my teeth. 
It's amazing how much you can achieve when you're really very busy. And how little when you're not.

2 Responses to “Buzzing”

  1. yan says:

    haha, just beware: the high you get from it is addictive…

  2. alief says:

    true, as is the amount of sugar I’ve eaten these past few days

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