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build yourself a heart of stone

published: 2011-11-22

There once was a little boy who turned into a man. It wasn’t an effort, it wasn’t a plan. It happened one day, just like that. He looked in the mirror and cried: who is that? His eyes told the story of who he is now, while the child he was remained hidden somehow.
Nervous and tense, afraid of the dark, he had roamed his way through life’s park. Groping at help, his mother’s hand; affection and peace, a holy command. And oh those nights, alone in his room, the realm of demons, the presence of doom.
Mother, dear mother, may I sleep with you? In the arms of your safety and your love so true?
No my son, you cannot I say. Nights are for rest, a salvage for day.

He wandered the corridors, night after night, fleeing the dreams, the weight of his fright. And still he wanders, every night, in thoughts of wisdom and visions of light. One day, is what he thinks, he’ll have time to rest, life itself is simply a test. He tells his own son now to be strong! nights are short and never take long. Shorter still as years go by, enjoy them now, for your time will fly. Your fears will fade, as do the monsters you create. You will forget then forgive, believe me you will; so blossom and bloom, dance and fulfill!
But his son still cries and will not give up. Please, dear god, shut him up!
I need my sleep, don’t you see? You foolish boy stop bothering me! Go back to your room, leave me alone, just build yourself a heart of stone.

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