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I believe I can fly

published: 2008-09-11

I started flamenco classes again and because I had been away for a while, I wondered how to go about this. Reaching too high can be very frustrating. Yet, sitting comfortably at a level of skill beneath yours may lead to arrogance and the inevitable laziness. So here's what I did: I took the beginners class and – consecutively – an advanced one on the same evening. Much to my surprise, I actually managed to keep up pace with the advanced students relatively well, and even enjoyed it (albeit my knees ached and my arms hurt). This surprised me because before I left for Brazil I was finding flamenco to be really challenging.
I concluded that an added ingredient must be making a world of a difference: confidence. Somewhere along the line in Brazil I had apparently found myself some much needed confidence. Now all I need to do is apply this to all areas of my life and I should just about be ready to fly.

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