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Bloody Mary

published: 2008-09-14

Not only do I love NY, I adore my friends here. We met up with a few of them for breakfast this morning (according to most of them, 9 am was an indecent time to have your eggs benedicte, but they were willing to sacrifice a few hours of sleep for our manic jet-lagged schedule). I particularly admire one of my friends whose family escaped the economic problems in Nicaragua. Facing steep challenges, she managed to work her way through law-school, all the way into a corporate law environment and has now moved on to become a lawyer for the DA's office. I am convinced she will one day become a senator.
At one point we decided we needed Bloody Mary's. The waitress frowned and said "no serving alcohol before 12.oo in NY. In fact, that's a law." We blinked stupidly at her for a while, and then my friend said, "you see? That's how early this is for us."

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