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attraction of revulsion

published: 2011-02-01

A girl in her twenties comes to sit next to me on the bus. She smells of chocolate. I instantly feel like eating her. And doesn't my scarf suddenly smell awfull musty? I glance sideways to see what she looks like. Long, peroxide blonde hair. Heavy make-up. A bold nose she tries to hide under all that hair. Then I notice her hands. She has bitten her fingernails to the point of bleeding. The stumps make me think of that man yesterday evening. He stood outside a music studio, in the cold, smoking. He wore a gentlemanly hat. He was bent over, talking intently to someone on the other end of his celphone. Suddenly I noticed an odd shape. His penis was hanging out of his pants, alive somewhat. Not dangling but moving. I walked away feeling repulsed. Simultaneously aroused.

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