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another man

published: 2014-03-02

And there was another man today. He had received notice of his death, the date set between now and then. Then being no later than the end of this year.
He can no longer speak. It had me thinking of the walking talking doll I asked Santa for when I was 6. The doll was about half my size. When it stopped walking, I wished it had stopped talking instead.
This man had asked his daughter to speak for him. She stood on the stage which was his for the day. He sat across from her in the audience listening to his own words. After she finished, he stepped up on the stage and embraced her. He then handed the first copy of his book to an important guest. They posed together, pictures were taken, side by side, tall and proud.
In the vacant moment after he got off stage and returned to the dark, I saw him put his hand over his face and rub it. His wife looked briefly at him and then laid her hand on his knee.
There was no need to talk. It was all in his walk.

One Response to “another man”

  1. Mônica Cristina says:

    Gostei, ele sabia que não havia muito tempo de vida e o pouco que havia queria passar para a filha e para outras pessoas, é assim a vida muitas vezes o valor das pessoas é o agora, porque o amanhã só pertence a Deus, e cada tempo de nossa vida temos que nos valorizar e todas pessoas que estão em nossa volta.

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