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After rain

published: 2008-10-16

"After rain comes shine, but the reverse is also true," said the weather reporter some time ago.
Despite the rain outside, my own days are still shining. To such an extent that even some horrific law-suit I had found myself tangled up in (and wasn't allowed to publically discuss) resolved itself, magically. My lawyer said, "you should be drinking champagne." There have been quite a few occasions these past few weeks where I thought, "I should be drinking champagne." But I didn't. Clearly, the weather reporter's words stuck firmly in my head.

3 Responses to “After rain”

  1. Jan-Willem says:

    Hurray!! Good for you!

  2. Emile says:

    At the very least buy the bottle, put it in the fridge and open it when it’s proverbially raining again. In financial crisis terms: look at it as a countercyclical investment. They usually pay out pretty well and even if they don’t, there’s no harm done in having the bubbly stuff when you could use it 😉

  3. aliefka says:

    @Emile, it’s interesting you should say that. Years ago when going through a few set-backs, a friend of mine said that everyone should reserve a specific place in one’s head where one stores the memories of better days. So when bad luck strikes, all we need to do is open up that place. Turning that place into a fridge where you place a bottle of champagne for every good day – which is to be drunk on a bad day- is even more effective. As the bad days usually outnumber the good, there’s no risk of becoming an alcoholic.
    @Jan-Willem, thank you. I am now considering what’s the best revenge to take. Perhaps you have a few suggestions?

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