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Adam and Eve

published: 2011-04-10

She cleans her room. Messy as it is, she simply replaces one pile of stuff with another one.
There, she thinks. All done.
While relocating things her mind is working like a sive. It filters this and that, reminds her to pay a bill, or to call after tickets for next season’s theatre – she can, if she wants, be on time. This time.
She is too late for many other things. Dates have passed. Moments have gone lost. Like the one on that specific card. It is a very small card with a cartoon-style design of a big, huge belly. There is a baby in that belly, but the card says the baby has come out. Yes of course she was going to visit the baby straight away! Wasn’t she one of the people who had received a text message announcing the birth of Adam?
But then she moved house, and the card moved with her, she tucked it away in a to-do stack. One of the many stacks of papers and shells and hair-clips and tissues and invites and work-related paper stuff and forms to fill and pencils to sharpen
She could throw the card away because it’s too late now. Much too late. Instead, she shifts it from one pile to the next. As if somehow hoping time had not passed.

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