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Absolutely relatively true

published: 2008-10-26

It's Sunday and raining and the clock has been set back (or pushed forward?) an hour. That always confuses me, so I turned on the TV hoping to tune in to the right time. What hit me instead was -bang- a closeup of Oprah Winfrey's partner sternly addressing the screen. He said: "first you have to know what you're good at. Then you make a plan. You need a plan. And here's what you need to know: with this world's resources anything you plan to do with what you're good at is possible."
By now, you all know I question this. Let me summarize my blog's wisdoms for you – as it's Sunday, I grant myself the freedom to preach:
1. Sometimes you may firmly believe you're really really good at something, while the rest of the world (and its resources) does not necessarily agree.
2. Sometimes it's good to be bad at something. It's challenging. Moreover, it gives you the chance to become good at whatever it is you're trying, something you would otherwise simply never have discovered, let alone known.

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