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A man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do.

published: 2010-02-15

Here’s what’s so great about sharing office space with other creatives:
I come in this morning (looking like crap, by the way, as I’ve been working hard and ignoring multiple flues, in the very least of the Mexican kind) and a graphic designer asks how I’m doing. I tell her things are looking good, because they actually are. We’re going full speed on my novel, and I can do this, yes I can. I tell her I need to deliver the first, definitive, half to my publisher today. This is when the combing out of commas and full-stops starts.
She asks, “but are you satisfied with the content?”
Difficult question, and actually one I can’t even answer. So instead I say, “well the one thing I find a little daunting is that only yesterday, I put two scenes in an entirely different place. These are pretty big changes to make so far down the line.”
She said, “what’s wrong with big changes at this stage? As long as they come from a place of confidence and not panic.”
Meanwhile, a theatre director passes us on going to the kitchen. She nods her head towards him and says, “the day before the premiere of his play, he also changed the order of a few scenes and even cut out one character. He had been working on it for 2 years. You need that deadline, that’s why.”

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  1. Give me a deadline!
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