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a man makes his way to a woman

published: 2011-08-14

Stop eating and look around, just for a minute. A whole mountain of things. Why choose if you can have everything, all of it, all the time? Eat, sleep, complain, gain. Or lose? People lose, sometimes. That too.
A man makes his way to a woman. Their bodies spell out their age: seventy. They are tanned. They are in no hurry, despite the passing of time. Worries, they have, as is the case in life. Their ears have grown, so have their noses. They look like each other, not only the length of their hair is the same, so is the colour. Grey.
He takes place on her sunbed, right by her feet and she sits up, leans forwards toward him. She touches his back. Her hands are wrinkled and pigmented, her fingernails are a bright red. She caresses him briefly, then gently picks at something on his back. As lovingly as when their bodies were twenty years old.

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