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a little heart

published: 2012-02-08

A little heart pops up on the right side of my screen. Soon it will disappear under the mountain of new activity by other friends. My Friends. Why do I click?

It’s a heart, that’s why. And so I click. And so I read:
“Thanks everyone, as many of you know, we have buried our son the mosr beautiful boy in the world this weekend so it was not much of a birthday.”
Who is the man who wrote this? He has the same last name as the friend who commented with a heart. Is it her brother? I go to his wall. He has 126 friends. He has uploaded a lot of photos. They all show him smiling radiantly. A friendly young man. He sails, he surfs, he swims, he cuddles seals, he travels. Sunny places. Warm. Most of the time he’s doing all that with a brunette. She smiles a lot too. One picture shows a toddler. He is spoon-feeding the boy. And smiling at him.

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