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A day’s work

published: 2009-01-08

Quite a few things happen in a day (and a half), and it's alway hard to choose what detail to write about. So today I'll write a few, such as:

*I decided to be a brave and confident female who is perfectly capable of addressing the "smoke" issue, after which my friendly relationship with the tenant instantaneously cooled down. Becoming the prissy party-pooper has therefore self-fulfilled. I am doomed. 
* For my article, I started reading sexually explicit books and studied some websites on sex symbols. I was afraid someone may walk into my office space.
*I learned that the oral hygienist who helped rid me of some godawful bacteria stuck under my gums converted to the Muslim faith – the colorful scarf on her head turned out not to be a fashion statement but a religious one. 
*I had a script session with the director I'm working with and the man who's guiding us through the process. It was mindblowing and during our meeting it seemed perfectly clear what we needed to do to turn this into a brilliant one. Except, the very moment I stepped out the door, confusion kicked in. As is usually the case with these things. 
*My man cooked dinner for myself and a friend from Brazil and we discussed lots of interesting things I won't bore you with.
*While taking his bath, my son declared his teacher at the daycare center had gotten angry with him. As he doesn't know what the word "why?" means, the answer shall remain a mystery. Perhaps it's better that way. 

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