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the perfect evening

published on: 30.05.2013 in: All entries

During my Pilates work-out today, one of the women stood up to announce an event she’s organized. She said “we all need to give our relationship a little boost now and then and so I’ve organized the perfect evening for you. It’s a spiritual evening of reconnection. With wine, food and music. A private table […]


after rain

published on: 29.05.2013 in: All entries

There was a summer storm. And the rain fell like a curtain on the stage, hiding whatever the story behind it. The catharsis had been introduced by the roar of thunder, and came as a flash of lightning. But now, all that mattered was that it was raining. And it was raining so hard that […]


to make a few bucks

published on: 04.05.2013 in: All entries

Curacao, the Caribbean. Here, teenage boys make a few bucks by packing your groceries for you and carrying them to your car. You give them one florin, maybe two, for all that. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. There have always been tourists who tell them to not bother. “We […]