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polka dots and pidgin English

published on: 27.04.2012 in: All entries

Early morning work day. It’s raining damn hard. We bicycles wait at a traffic light. One tends to pull the chin down when it rains, hide the face. Not so for the two people in front of me. He and she. He has small dreads, a muscular ass and legs. He casually leans on one […]


and yet, she was loved

published on: 20.04.2012 in: All entries

How many photos have I taken in my life? For a couple of years, I had even taken the effort of sticking photos into albums. My student life is therefore neatly arranged by date. Those albums take up a lot of space. They are full of smiles. They have become my memory of those years. […]


blasting calm

published on: 11.04.2012 in: All entries

Her shoulders tighten at the sight of a construction drill. Her mood sinks. Not only have a dozen black men opened up the pavement right in front of her holiday apartment, the unforgiving sound of multiple sandpapering machines blast out of windows in the building right next door. From across the street comes the intrusive […]


I know a woman

published on: 08.04.2012 in: All entries

I know a woman who keeps returning to places that were and no longer are. Maybe she is trying to undo the passing of time by reactivating the senses connected to the past. To the places of her childhood, places she never understood. Or maybe she is backtracking and searching the path she took for […]


oh island in the sun

published on: 07.04.2012 in: All entries

The little lady tells me, "one time, I sat there beneath that tree." "What tree is that?" "Pear." "One time, I sat beneath that pear tree and there was a man. He threw a straw in the waves. Then he dived after it. He never returned. I waited and waited. I think he drowned. He […]