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published: 2021-08-31

I found myself lost and it caught me off guard as it was in a world I know so well. I had traveled these roads so many times in my life, not thinking about them as they’d always lead me to the same place. To the ferry. Then to the other side. Now, I had no idea where I was going. Had something changed? I had to stop and think. Take a good look. Turn back maybe, had I lost a turn? I couldn’t see where though or how and I felt confused. Then I felt afraid of the confusion.
From behind me I heard a voice.
“That way,” he said.
Apparently someone had noticed. I turned to him. He was a friendly man, he was leaning out of his compact city cleaning car, brooms were sticking out from being his cabin, feathered out like a peacock’s tail.
“You’re looking the wrong way, turn a bit more. That’s it, see?”
I had only been looking back to where I had come from, while the path I needed to take was tucked away across the street and to my right. I thanked him and giggled. He nodded and pointed once more, then got on with his work. I resumed my journey, but on a different path. It led me to the same place. To the ferry. Then to the other side. I felt comforted. There will always be someone who notices it when you are lost. And who then helps you.






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