I am a writer, but also trained as a lawyer well before I wrote and published my first novel. I have always combined both skills during the course of my career in the film and TV industry, most recently as Creative Producer and Head Development of film and tv production company Nijenhuis & Co.

I was born in the Caribbean and traveled the globe during my childhood. My father was a diplomat. The Africa diaspora and post colonial themes have therefore always been of natural interest to me. Most of my writing touches on the Dutch cultural heritage in the world (not always something to be proud of), and on a more personal level: how is identity formed and defined? My first novel was published in 2007 Sandblasted (publishing house Augustus, Amsterdam). The story of Sandblasted leans on modern day conflicts of identity that can be traced back to our 17th C slave history. Sandblasted was shortlisted for the Dutch debutant award. My second novel was published in 2010: The Consul General’s Wife. It is available in English as mobi for Kindle on amazon, and as epub for iPad/iPhone.

Apart from novels, I have written screenplays, short stories, plays, op-eds and so on. Have a look.

There’s so much more I’d like to share – for example I also work as advisor for the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and in doing so, can help define the cultural appearance of the magnificent city of Amsterdam. But if you’d really like to know more about me, then why don’t you send me an email and we’ll have coffee.