I am a writer and legal advisor specialized in all strategical and legal aspects of filmmaking. Ever since having graduated law-school in 1996, I have always managed to combine the two skills. I find they are mutually beneficial: I understand the world and mind-set of creatives because I am one myself, but at the same time can also oversee the strategical, financial and legal aspects that come into play when producing a film. As I speak the language of both worlds, I am good at connecting creatives’ and producers’ (often mutual) interests and resolving conflicts.

In a nutshell, my experience is as follows (for more information click on ‘projects’ above or ‘legal’):

I was born in the Caribbean. 25 years later I returned there to work as a lawyer. My experiences during those years formed the foundations for my first novel: Sandblasted (2007, publishing house Augustus, Amsterdam). The story of Sandblasted leans on modern day conflicts of identity that can be traced back to our 17th C slave history. Sandblasted was shortlisted for the Dutch debutant award.

In 1998, I moved to Amsterdam and then worked as Legal Counsel and Executive Producer for various international film production companies. Meanwhile, I was also writing and so in 2001, a play of mine was staged in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I then went on to co-write a screenplay for a feature film – Adrenaline - which was released in Benelux cinemas in 2003.

My second novel was published in 2010: The Consul General’s Wife. It is available in English as mobi for Kindle on amazon, and as epub for iPad/iPhone.
The Brazilian rights to The Consul General’s Wife have been bought by Livros de Safra. It will be released in Brazil next year.

Currently, I work independently as a legal advisor and provide representation to various talented directors, writers and producers. They are listed on my ‘legal’ page. My area of expertise ranges from the negotiation of contracts for directors or screenwriters, financing agreements (a.o. recoupment, int. co-production, applications), guilds, employment issues, exploitation and distribution, IP, to conflict resolution. I find it important that professional legal advice is accessible to creatives and therefore deliberately keep my rates low for them. I also often touch-base with various skilled lawyers in the field of IP and when necessary, can transfer cases over to them for further court-proceedings.

I have provided courses about Dutch Culture to expats (or to organizations who have many foreign employees) in collaboration with the John Adams Institute of Amsterdam. Lastly, I dance flamenco. Like writing, flamenco is not just a performance, it’s a journey.

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