I am a writer and legal advisor specialized in all strategical and legal aspects of filmmaking and other audiovisual productions. Ever since graduating from Law School in 1996, I always combined the two skills. I find they are mutually beneficial: I understand the world and mind-set of creatives because I am one myself, and at the same time have gained ample experience working as Legal Counsel for (int.) film production companies.

My area of expertise includes negotiations and conflict resolution, co-production agreements (both national and international), financing (applications, recoupment schedules, IP ownership), licensing, exploitation & distribution and employment issues. I often consult and work closely with specialized colleague lawyers.

Feel free to have a look at who my current clients are on my ‘legal’ page.

More specifically:

I was born in the Caribbean. 25 years later I returned there to work as a lawyer. My experiences during those years formed the foundations for my first novel: Sandblasted (2007, publishing house Augustus, Amsterdam). The story of Sandblasted leans on modern day conflicts of identity that can be traced back to our 17th C slave history. Sandblasted was shortlisted for the Dutch debutant award.

In 1998, I moved to Amsterdam and then worked as Legal Counsel and Executive Producer for various international film production companies. I was simultaneously writing and so in 2001, a play of mine was staged in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I then went on to co-write a screenplay for a feature film – Adrenaline - which was released in Benelux cinemas in 2003.

My second novel was published in 2010: The Consul General’s Wife. It is available in English as mobi for Kindle on amazon, and as epub for iPad/iPhone.
The Brazilian rights to The Consul General’s Wife have been bought by Livros de Safra. It will be released in Brazil next year.

I have provided courses about Dutch Culture to expats (or to organizations who have many foreign employees) in collaboration with the John Adams Institute of Amsterdam.

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