Sandblasted is Aliefka’s debut novel.

It was published by publishing house Augustus (Amsterdam) in 2007.

Sandblasted is about finding a place in this world. After Law-School, Janera de Vries (25) decides to move back to where she was born: the Caribbean island of Curaçao. She lands a job as a lawyer and expects to find a home there. She soon discovers not only the colourful walls are infested with rot, the seemingly idyllic life she has built up for herself is too.

Her first pro-bono case touches on the problems the island faces. An insurance company refuses coverage for the son of an illegal Colombian woman.  Janera's opponent is lawyer Christian de Haseth. He is of European heritage but was born and raised on the island. Christian refuses to accept Janera as his equal and confronts her with her family's controversial past on the island. Janera is intent on winning this battle. But the harder she fights, the more she loses her sense of self within the confusing cultural ambivalence of the island.

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