Sister is a screenplay about loss and our society’s inadequate response to it.
It is set in Hong Kong. Aliefka wrote the screenplay together with director Yan Ting Yuen. Producers: Reinette van de Stadt of True Works and Kees Kasander of Kasander Film.
The Dutch Film Fund financed the development of the screenplay. Sister has been selected for the prestigious EAVE co-production platform, 2012.

33-year-old Jade has only just moved to Hong Kong with her husband and daughter, when tragedy strikes. She loses them in a car-accident and decides she too nog longer wants to live. For Jade, this isn’t even an issue. But for the people around her it is. They’re not intending to let her go. Particularly Jade’s half-sister Pearl needs her. And so she stays for a while longer, but only until various masks have crumbled.