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the hopper

published: 2016-03-06

My son casually asks, while peeling the shell of his boiled egg “what man were you talking about?”
I had been on the phone with a friend. I explain that my friend needed some advice concerning a man she’s being seeing.
“What advice?”
I always choose honesty. Not everyone would agree.
“He went to a concert with her. And now he’s going to the same concert a few weeks later but with another woman.”
“Why would he do that?”
“Exactly! We were wondering why he would do that. It’s inconsiderate isn’t it?”
He contemplates this for a while, and my mind tells me that I do so very much hope he’s going to be good to women later. Thanks to honesty, we’re having this talk.
“Is he a hopper?” he asks.
“A hopper?”
“In clash of clans, a hopper comes into the stronger clans, not to join in or play, but only to take the better troops and leave with them. It’s really unfair.”
“Yes, it’s really unfair.”

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