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child’s play?

published: 2016-11-12

I am on the phone with a friend and his youngest child shrieks. She is a little girl, angry, sad, distressed.
“That is MY stick, MINE! I found it,” she wails in dispair to a silent other in the room.
My friend says something along the comforting lines of, “oh was it your stick?” and to the silent other, “let’s go outside and see if we can find more sticks.”
“But I want that stick,” says the now not so silent other.
“Surely there are other nice sticks of your own,” and the silent other concedes. He has no choice.

As a girl in a grown-up body, I sometimes find myself wanting to shriek. Except now there’s not anyone bigger around to tell the silent other we should all go outside and look for a stick of his own.

So here are the options I suppose:
* shriek and wail and hope for maximum shock-effect.
* wait for the silent other to get bored of my stick and drop it.
* hit the silent other over the head with my stick.
* let the silent other have it, I’ll find something new.
* play with the stick together.

If the silent other will let me, that is. But that silent other may well be stronger.
Then what?

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