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child’s play?

published on: 12.11.2016 in: All entries

I am on the phone with a friend and his youngest child shrieks. She is a little girl, angry, sad, distressed. “That is MY stick, MINE! I found it,” she wails in dispair to a silent other in the room. My friend says something along the comforting lines of, “oh was it your stick?” and […]


always the first to…

published on: 28.03.2016 in: All entries

A girl in her early twenties girl was struck by a sudden revelation and it was about silences. She said that she desperately hated awkward silences and always felt the need to break them. Until it struck her: it wasn’t only her silence to break. It was a mutual silence and therefore as much the […]


the hopper

published on: 06.03.2016 in: All entries

My son casually asks, while peeling the shell of his boiled egg “what man were you talking about?” I had been on the phone with a friend. I explain that my friend needed some advice concerning a man she’s being seeing. “What advice?” I always choose honesty. Not everyone would agree. “He went to a […]


of things that can be pleasant

published on: 29.02.2016 in: All entries

A phone call. A voice I only very faintly recognise. My memory searches its files. “2013,” she says, “on the airplane. From New York? The marathon.” Her voice is friendly and optimistic. I remember now. We had made a connection, she had run the marathon in order to raise money for her handicapped daughter. I […]