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Archive for September, 2015


published on: 23.09.2015 in: All entries

I receive a phone call from Spain. A friend who has leaped into adventures away from reality. I wait for her to ask how I’m doing. It takes a while and when she asks I say “fine, I suppose.” What about her? “Not so good. Well, you know.” Yes, I know. Her voice is in […]


the art of coming close

published on: 17.09.2015 in: All entries

The producer and I spent some time tossing ideas this morning. These are my favourite moments. This is when eyes dart around the room, into corners and up to ceilings, and twinkle, when you stir in your coffee-cup which is in fact already empty, and when ideas start becoming real. “I once had a friend […]


when it matters

published on: 09.09.2015 in: All entries

“Where is everyone when it matters?” asks the eagle, from high up above. The wolf answers, down below, “but it only matters when nobody’s there.”